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Sharkoon 1337 RGB Illuminated Gaming Mouse Mat, Soft Gaming Mouse Pad, Non-Slip Material, Large, Black

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Sharkoon 1337 RGB Illuminated Gaming Mouse Mat, Soft Gaming Mouse Pad, Non-Slip Material, Black

With the 1337 RGB Gaming Mat, Sharkoon expands their popular 1337 series with a multicolored highlight. Like the other gaming mats of the series, the 1337 RGB offers an extremely robust textile surface with optimum gliding properties as well as a nonslip rubber base for a perfect hold. However, the flexible, soft-surfaced mat is now bordered by RGB illumination, transforming a discreet mouse mat into a piece of effective gaming equipment.

  • Soft gaming mouse mat with RGB illumination
  • Various illumination modes
  • Integrated mouse cable guide
  • Low height of only 3 mm
  • Precise, nonslip material

Perfect Size for Any Desk. The 1337 RGB Gaming Mat in size L has ideal dimensions, measuring 359 millimeters in length and 279 millimeters in width. It is thus perfect next to any keyboard on any desk and is especially suitable for more relaxed gamers and higher DPI settings.

All-Border RGB Illumination. The visual highlight of the 1337 RGB is, as the name implies, the RGB illumination, which borders all sides of the mouse mat. The colors of the illumination can be freely chosen from the entire RGB spectrum. For maximal luminosity, the RGB border is stitched with transparent nylon.

Simple Lighting Control. The illumination, including the three preset lighting modes, can be adjusted at the touch of a button using the mouse mat’s 9-millimeter controller. The controller can also function as a practical mouse cable guide, keeping cables out of the way when gaming.

Ideal Characteristics. The 1337 RGB has a robust and durable textile surface. With minimal drag and a negligible start resistance, the surface has perfect sliding characteristics for all kinds of mice and sensors. In addition, the rubber underside provides a firm nonslip base for the mouse mat.

Flexible and Easy to Transport. Because of its flexible materials, the 1337 RGB Mouse Mat can be simply rolled up and therefore easily stored and transported.