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Rosewill Reflex RGM-1000 Laser Gaming Mouse, 8200 DPI, Wired USB Right Hand Mouse, Led Lightning, 10 Buttons

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Tailor your Gaming Mouse to Suit your Specific Gaming Scenarios.
The Rosewill Reflex RGM-1000 offers the customizability you need to play different game genres.

  • 10-Button Laser Gaming Mouse
  • Resolution up to 8200DPI
  • Programmable
  • Adjustable 8-piece weight system
  • On-the-fly DPI adjustment button

Nine Programmable Buttons
The Reflex RGM-1000 Gaming Mouse is an optical mouse with up to nine buttons. In addition to the conventional buttons and the enhanced DPI button, the Reflex RGM-1000 Gaming Mouse has dedicated forward and back buttons for additional convenience in your web surfing.

Adjustable DPI Button
The adjustable DPI button enables smooth switching between 1000/2000/ 4000 and 8200 DPI, giving you the right level of precision for whichever game you are playing.

Adjustable Eight Piece Weight System
The Jet Reflex RGM-1000 Gaming Mouse sports an eight-piece weight system. You can reduce or increase the weight of your mouse to meet your specific needs.