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Razer Gigantus V2 Soft Gaming Mouse Pad Non-Slip Rubber Surface Large, Black

by Razer
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Razer Gigantus V2 Large - Soft Large Gaming Mouse Mat for Speed and Control (Non-Slip Rubber, Textured Micro-Weave Cloth, 45 x 40 x 0.3cm) Black

  • Textured micro-weave cloth surface for speed and control.
  • Thick, high-density rubber foam for greater consistency and durability.
  • Anti-slip base to keep the mat in place.

If you’ve got a killer mouse, then get the right mouse mat to make it a deadly combination. Go big with the Razer Gigantus V2’s textured micro-weave cloth surface. Up your game with fluid swipes and pixel-precise aim, while the soft mat cushions your wrist as you take care of the competition.


Size: Large
Surface: Textured Micro-weave Cloth
Base: Thick, High-density Rubber Foam
Product Width: 450mm
Product Length: 400mm
Product Height: 3mm
Product Weight: 336g
Package Width: 8cm
Package Length: 42.5cm
Package Height: 8cm
Gross Weight: 0.43Kg

Textured micro-weave cloth surface for speed and control
Optimized across all mouse sensors for pixel-precise accuracy and total tracking responsiveness, the weave’s high thread count lets your mouse glide with ease across the mat for quick, fluid swipes.