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Epsilon RJ45 Cable Economiser

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If you've got spare ports on your patch panel, but not enough wall sockets then try this! This splitter adapter will allow you to use two ethernet devices in one spare RJ45 wall socket female port, by splitting this port into 2. Attach either two computers or any other networkable hardware, to your existing Cat5e structured cabling system, using a Cat5e UTP cable economiser.

* Connectivity: 1 x RJ45 Male to 2 x RJ45 Female.
* Typically you would use one in the wall socket, one in the patch panel.
* These can be used with both straight cable and crossover cable connections.
* When the signal reaches the other end, it must be split again back into 2 separate cables. This is why they are used in pairs.
* These MUST be used in pairs