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USB Full-Feature Type C (M) to Type C (M) Cable 10Gb, 3Amp 1M


<p>USB3.1 (also called Gen.2) brings many improvements to the previous standard USB3.0 (Gen.1). The most noticeable is the new Type-C connector which is much smaller than the previous standard connectors, it is also reversible.</p>
<p><strong>Alternative Mode</strong></p>
<p>The new Type-C Alternative Mode allows the USB cable to carry different types of signal, including native DisplayPort capable of 4k resolution video.</p>
<p>&nbsp;<strong>USB Power Delivery v2.0</strong></p>
<p>The USB3C-901 supports up to 20V / 3A (60W) of power. The new improved power delivery allows you to charge not only small mobiles devices such as mobile phones and tablets, but also laptops.</p>
<p><strong>&nbsp;Reversible Connector</strong></p>
<p>The new USB Type-C connector is smaller than most of the previous USB connectors. (Micro B is the exception.) It is also symmetrical; this allows you to plug the connector in either way up.</p>
<li>Type C Reversible connector</li>
<li>Male to male connectors</li>
<li>Data Transfer Rate: 10Gbps</li>
<li>Charging Output: 20v 3A(60w)</li>
<li>Length: 1m</li>