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Draytek Vigor 2926n Ethernet Router / Firewall Dual-Wan WiFi, Static Routing (30 routes) RIP V2 RIPng for IPv6 BGP

by DrayTek
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Vigor 2926 Series Ethernet Router Firewall & Load-Balancer
The Draytek Vigor 2926N Dual-WAN WiFi Router is a dual-Ethernet WAN router for load-balancing or failover. It's also a fully-featured firewall, VPN concentrator and content filtering device.

This latest router series includes support for professional features such as VLAN tagging, Gigabit Ethernet, built-in wireless LAN (Vigor 2926n or Vigor 2926ac). An alternative WAN connectivity is by a USB 3G/4G/LTE cellular modem which can be your primary WAN feed, backup or load-balanced with your fixed-line.

VPN - Linking remote offices, HQ, teleworkers and mobile staff - A feature central to DrayTek routers is the VPN (Virtual Private Networking) features. A VPN enables you to link two remote offices, branch offices back to HQ or home-based/mobile teleworkers back to your office. Once connected, they have access to your office/remote resources through a secure encrypted tunnel allowing remote desktop, file sharing and seamless access to other resources and devices.

DrayTek SSL VPN - Link teleworkers and remote networks with TLS encryption - The Vigor 2926 supports up to 25 DrayTek SSL VPN tunnel connections. These are encrypted tunnels linking your teleworkers or remote DrayTek Vigor routers back to your main office using SSL/TLS technology - the same encryption that you use for secure web sites such as your bank.

Dual-band MU-MIMO Wireless ('ac' models) - The Vigor 2926ac supports simultaneous operation of the newer 5Ghz band as well as the more common 2.4Ghz band. The 5Ghz band is far less congested so if your PCs or other devices support the 5Ghz band, you can use that. The Vigor 2926ac operates both bands at the same time, so your devices can use either.

Wireless Security - The Vigor 2926 Series wireless models provides several independent levels of security including encryption (up to WPA2), authentication (802.11x) and methods such as MAC address locking and DHCP fixing to restrict access to authorised users only. The Web interface lets you see how many and which clients are currently connected as well as their current bandwidth usage. An 'instant' block lets you disconnect a wireless user temporarily in case of query. The Wireless VLAN facility allows you to isolate wireless clients from each other or from the 'wired' LAN.

Central Switch Management - DrayTek Vigor router Central Switch Management provisions and monitors VigorSwitch switches through a DrayTek Vigor router, with profiles that can be applied to multiple switches and VLAN configuration all handled within the router.


Protocols Supported Routing Protocols: Static Routing (30 routes) RIP V2 RIPng for IPv6 BGP
Management: Network/Router Management via web portal
Resiliency/Redundancy: Outbound Policy-Based Load-Balance IP-Based or Session-Based Load Balance WAN Connection Fail-over BoD
Power Adaptor Type: External
Power Adaptor Output: 12V DC
Voltage/Power/Frequency: 220 to 240VAC
Environmental: Humidity 10 to 90% Operating Temperature 0 to 45C
Form Factor: Desktop Unit
Case Colour: Black
Dimensions: 16.5cm (W) x 24.1cm (D) x 4.4cm (H)
Wireless LAN
Encryption: WEP WPA WPA2
Frequency Band: 2.4GHz
Wireless LAN Standards: IEEE 802.11 b g n
WAN Ports: 2 port(s) x RJ-45 1000Mbps
LAN Ports: 4 port(s) x RJ-45 1000Mbps
USB Port(s): 2 x USB
WAN Protocols: DHCP Client Static IP PPPoE PPTP BPA
Throughput: Firewall: Up to 400Mb/s IPSec VPN: Up to 60Mb/s
Firewall Filtering: CSM (Content Security Management) DNS Filter MAC Address Filter Policy-Based Firewall