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Be Quiet! DARK POWER PRO 11 1200W Modular Power Suplly

Dark Power Pro 11 1200W is be quiet!’s most advanced PSU ever, delivering 80PLUS® Platinum efficiency, effortless Quad-GPU support, and unmatched silence. The improved features include:

- Full bridge, LLC, SR and DC/DC technology delivers 80PLUS® Platinum power efficiency (up to 94%) and power stability unmatched in its class
- Virtually inaudible SilentWings® 3 135mm fan with fluid-dynamic bearing
- 6-pole fan motor and IC motor control for smooth low-speed operation and reduced noise
- Large funnel-shaped fan intake facilitates high airflow with less turbulence
- Isolation sleeve reduces transmission of vibrations to case
- Overclocking key switches between four 12V-rails and one massive 12V-rail
- User-friendly cable management reduces clutter, improves cooling
- Premium 105°C-rated Japanese capacitors maximize reliability
- Intelligent control for up to 4 case fans
- 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
- German product conception, design and quality control

Choose Dark Power Pro 11 1200W and get the most technologically-advanced PSU be quiet! has ever built.